Web developers at Schönherz.



Kir-Dev's mission is to create useful webapps for the students of Schönherz.

In addition to web development, we also train ourselves in mobile development and DevOps. Every spring, we run courses in Hungarian to help interested parties join the group.

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A csapat 23-as nyara • ~3 min

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2023. szeptember 1.


Way of working

Our system's are hosted with the help of KSZK's Kubernetes and VMware infrastructure. We monitor our services using Better Uptime solutions, which means we are immediately notified of any downtime. You can check availability by clicking on the link.

Our priority is the continuous development and maintenance of Profil és Körök (Profiles and Groups, abbr.: PéK) web app. This system has been through several generations thanks to the active members of the group. Currently, the administration of the student associations at our uni's faculty is handled with the help of this system.